Stan Karcz has no reservations about revealing his heart through his songs. In the finest tradition of the Country & Pop troubadour, the timbre of his soul shines through his music.

Growing up in the city of Chicago, a first generation American, Stan’s musical inclinations were evident at an early age. His family, immigrants from Poland, were ardent supporters of his musicality. Beginning with the accordion, he quickly progressed to clarinet, tenor sax, and ultimately, the piano.

Stan honed his keyboard craft through private study at the Sherwood Music Conservatory and the Bloom School of Jazz. Today, Stan’s original songs neatly stitch a patchwork of influences; Country, Southern Rock, Pop, and Blues, into an accessible musical tapestry.  He writes about life’s positive experiences, as well as its trials and tribulations.  He likes to write a story with a universal message that the listener can understand.


He began writing songs at when he was sixteen years old.  As his life matured and progressed, so did his songwriting.  Stan has since collaborated with such luminaries as Noah Gordon, Nick Sturms, Mason Douglass, Dillon Dixon, Bobby Boyd, Chris Sligh, Mark Mackay, Adam Shoenfeld (Guitarist Tim McGraw, Big & Rich, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan) Jim Peterik (Ides of March, Survivor), Walker Hayes, Greg Barnhill, Karen Staley, Kris Bergsnes, and Corinne Chapman.

Recent recordings by Nashville Artists include Caroline by Rockland Road,  Performed Caroline live on The Huckabee Show Feb 2021 She’s Somebody Else’s Everything, single She’s The One, Leaving California EP 2021, Walk You Home, Good To be Bad, by Mark Mackay, Nick Sturms (“Will the Wind Blow” and “Back Among the Living”), Chris Hawkey (“She’s My Kinda Crazy”), Levi Hart (“Hillbilly Way”), and Ben Mathis (“Feels Like Home” and “This Ain’t Over Yet”).  These recordings are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube.

Matt Rogers recorded She Was Everything  U Turn-Ryan Scripps recorded my song  U-Turn and released a Video. Mark Mackay,Artist single released I Will Walk You Home July 2020. Long Wild Road (Karcz, Mackay, Barnhill)  July 24,2020 on Mark Mackay’s EP titled The Long Wild Road.  Samuel Bartells, Artist, New Zealand is recording Lets Go. Corey Green, Artist from Texas is recording Do What Makes A Good Time. Will Carter, Artist, Texas is recording “Front Porch Life”.  The record to be released ASAP.

Lake Tahoe, NYE 2019 Show. Playing keys with Jerrod Niemann, Artist , Mark Mackay and CJ Solar. Stan performed at the Ozone Songwriter Festival, Mandeville LA – Somewhere To Go. Stan released an EP May 2019 Good Night Chicago. New Album release Jan 2022  All The Birds Sing by Adam Shoenfeld, Artist song titled Lose To Win (Stan Karcz, Adam Shoenfeld, March Martin).

Bluebird Cafe Nashville                   Nov 8th,2015


Stan writes earnestly innocent songs about vitally complex issues: love, hope, family, dreams. With an unmistakable perspective he chronicles universal tales of honesty, simplicity and vulnerability. Sit back, turn on his music and let the song say the rest.

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