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6a00d83420494753ef00e54f4e769f8834-800wiYou are soon to be married to a woman that is your friend and partner for life. She is a special woman and must mean the world to you. I understand planning a wedding can keep you busy and before you know it your special day will arrive. I have a unique idea that I believe will touch her heart forever. If you take a few minutes to just write a message of how you feel for her in a letter or even a poem Piano Man Productions will do the rest.

We will provide a song with lyric & melody composed for your special someone on CD. Your song includes arranging and composing the melody with your lyric or our lyric if you choose. We provide a complete musical score with lyric, melody and chords on staff paper. We will provide you with a framed portrait of the music composition to surprise the one you love with your original work on your wedding day or Honeymoon. We are certain you will fill your sweetheart with joy when you give the most sincere expression of love in a song.

Carl, Riverside IL- The first time I heard the song I cried because I know it the song came from the love of my life. It is in a beautiful frame and I love to see the song lyrics and music hanging in our family room. I just love it!

Ginny, Berkeley IL – I love the song! The first time I heard the words & music I knew He would love it. This was an awesome gift to my Husband; I could not have expressed my love for Him in a better way than a song that I wrote for him. Thank You for providing me a way to let him know how much I love him.

These are just two satisfied customers at Piano Man Productions that have an original composition that will live forever in their lives. It is a portrait of words and music that they can play for each other. You can provide your fiancée a gift of music with a lyric that you write and we compose. This is an excellent gift for your sweetheart and the wedding party or even your guests.

Can you write a song of love to that special someone? Sure you can, just write what you feel and Piano Man Productions will do the rest. The end result will be an original piece of music on CD, sheet music with lyric & melody in a Beautiful frame for your enjoyment throughout the years. You are the person who can take the next step in writing the song. Just contact me for a Free Consultation; I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how Your Song Music can provide your Sweetheart the gift of music.

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